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      From Italy Le Arti Orafe Jewelry institute, London's Central Saint Martins college of art and design, the Rhode Island school of design and other world famous Jewelry design colleges and universities....

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      Brand stick with 30 years length of service, a senior teacher, spent hundreds of hours of refined, to deliver workman's hands warm, make fellala jewelry unique character and connotation, different fro...

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      Fellala brand has been using nickel release rate of compliance with eu standards or copper alloy make metal parts, especially used to make the earpins medical steel needle, hope from the source to avo...

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      Enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, green feast for the eyes, red blue and pure and fresh and elegant & hellip; Rich jewelry color expresses the designer hu tao artistic imagination and romantic emot...

Elegant line

Delicate small jewelry interpretation of the classic fashion

With private treasure and swarovski crystal,
With concise design style,
Express the unique taste and feelings,
Interpretation of wisdom women inner grace,
Create a fully, delicate female image.

Romantic line

Leisure vacation color grade

Like an artist will be rich,
Enamel color and jewelry with fine detail,
Color used to explain women inner romantic thoughts,
Beautiful but not make public.

Natural line

Comfortable simple interpretation of the natural aesthetics

From the pure metal material
The design of the sense of manual metal texture
All need to express a kind of natural,
Plain, a positive attitude to fashion.

Fellala since 2010 to gradually in hangzhou tower, wulin Yintai, Shanghai long light, yaohan, another city, nanjing golden eagle, first-tier cities such as Beijing parkson high-end business circle, established a high end jewelry brand image

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